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Achieve maximum efficiency for your marketing team with WNDYR’s technology-enabled services. Guided by Pattyrn’s people analytics platform to drive the results you want.

Don’t lose marketing dollars to inefficient, digital work

people analytics platform

of marketing revenue is wasted every year by misalignment around technologies and digital processes.

Group 15578

of well-aligned marketing teams attribute their success to technology and data sharing.

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of digital transformations fail. Don’t let your marketing team be one of them.

Introducing Pattyrn

Pattyrn’s people analytics reports enable WNDYR’s experts to lead a successful digital transformation

create efficiency with impact

Create efficiency with impact

Gain a partner to lead your marketing team through digital transformation with minimal disruption and maximum impact. WNDYR’s technology-enabled services assess and rebuild your technology stack to achieve your company’s greatest goals. Meanwhile, our flagship product, a people analytics platform called Pattyrn, sits atop your work management tools to benchmark their combined data analytics. Guided by Pattyrn’s insights, WNDYR ensures your employees are trained, engaged, and using effective digital workflows to complete meaningful work.

thrive in hybrid and remote work environments

Thrive in hybrid & remote work environments

Build a collaborative, high-performing remote workplace, starting with your tech stack. WNDYR’s digital technology services automate, integrate, and roll out user-friendly digital tools to help your employees thrive. Powered by Pattyrn’s people analytics platform, WNDYR’s experts will provide you with granular reports on tool usage, adoption, and cost-benefit analysis to help you make the right technology investments and train your team properly. Don’t wait; start laying the foundation for your company’s future today.

perfect the art of digital work

Perfect the art of digital work

Make the invisible visible with digital technology services that offer a direct line of sight into your organization’s employee experience. WNDYR’s digital technology services leverage Pattyrn to show leaders when employees are overworked, undertrained, relying on unsuitable digital tools, or struggling with ineffective processes. With Pattyrn’s stress-level projector, WNDYR will be able to help you anticipate employee needs and create a workplace culture that celebrates a healthy work-life blend. Watch workplace anxiety lower while customer outcomes rise.

achieve holistic digital transformation faster

Achieve holistic digital transformation faster

Post-pandemic workplace expectations have shifted, creating the need for a team of experts who can overhaul your digital, remote processes. That’s why WNDYR is powered by Pattyrn’s analytics, because together they are able to drive this change, holding your hand through data-backed digital transformation that’s designed for the end-user: the humans at your organization. Get help executing vibrant remote employee experiences that attract and retain talent no matter where they are based.

  • Efficiency

  • Digital Workload Stress

  • Performance

  • Tech Stack Adoption

Get the answer to efficient, digital work

Create a digital work environment that surpasses the efficiency and transparency of an in-person office experience with in-depth reports on your work management tools. Leverage WNDYR’s expertise to drive the completion of high-priority, meaningful work as you learn whether digital tools and processes are helping or hindering employees from Pattyrn’s people analytics reports. Plus, gain recommendations for replicating healthy, productive work behaviors.

Gain the only people analytics platform that shows employee stress

Reignite human connection in your team by receiving reports on employee digital workload strain based on proven indicators of stressful, unbalanced work. From too many meetings to frequent project delays, Pattyrn’s people analytics platform captures it all and tells when an employee’s stress level is way above their baseline. WNDYR will closely track these metrics via Pattyrn to help you prioritize and support your team properly.

Assess accurate remote employee performance

WNDYR’s experts view remote employee performance without invading employee privacy. Pattyrn eliminates the need for employee monitoring by benchmarking more meaningful work metrics from your tech stack across time, tasks, meetings, documents and communication. That way, WNDYR can help you get the transparency you need to conduct fair performance reviews and lead exceptional teams, as you give employees the tools to track and improve their performance with clear expectations.

Maximize the ROI of your tech stack

Get the metrics you need the most on your new work management tools: how and if employees use them. WNDYR’s consultants show you marketing tool adoption levels, incorrect usage and when an application stops employees from excelling in their roles. Finally, marketing leaders have the metrics to create more targeted training sessions, increase the ROI of new software investments and build a more agile, collaborative virtual team.

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