Power an intelligent remote workplace

People Analytics Platform for HR and Business

Reconnect your remote or hybrid teams with people analytics that are meant to motivate and support your employees' daily work, no matter where they are located.

Don’t risk losing top talent to an outdated employee experience

4.3 Million

U.S. employees quit in August 2021. That is 40% higher than those who quit in August 2020.

40 Percent

U.S. employees would consider quitting if they can't work remotely, at least part-time, since the pandemic.

97 Percent

U.S. workers desire some form of remote work in 2021.

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Introducing Pattyrn

A great employee experience begins with the right people analytics

Champion a strong work-lifeblend to increase productivity

Thrive in hybrid & remote work environments

Put an end to workplace silos in a digital world. View individual and team performance, and empower employees to become the best they can be with automated productivity software recommendations that motivate, not dictate work behavior. Breaking down these walls will build trust with your employees so they feel supported in their professional work. Helping your workforce deliver quality work, faster and happier.

Maximize the efficiency of your work management tools

Improve employee retention

Access people analytics surrounding employee sentiment to make the right hiring and management decisions. Create vibrant employee experiences that attract and retain talent no matter where they are based. And introduce workplace initiatives that raise employee engagement - and measure their impact to your organization’s bottom line.

Achieve simplified business profitability

Reignite the human connection virtually

Make the invisible visible. Pattyrn's people analytics platform shows leaders when employees are overworked, undertrained, relying on unsuitable digital tools, or struggling with ineffective processes. Anticipate employee needs and create a workplace culture that celebrates a healthy work-life blend. Watch workplace anxiety lower while customer outcomes rise.

Are your employees engaged in your virtual workplace?

Employee engagement is at an all time low and organizations are paying the price. A single disengaged employee at the average salary level of $60,000 costs you around $20,400 every year.

Learn more on how we can overcome this challenge.

Man empowering teams to reach their full potential with analytics software

Empower your teams to reach their full potential

Optimize your team’s digital adoption with the knowledge they need to get the most out of their tools—and themselves.

Encourage sustainable work habits

Improve employee retention by reinforcing approaches that lead to efficient, effective, and rewarding performance. In short, help your employees, help themselves.

Encourage sustainable work habits for productivity
People improving workflow efficiency with technology

Improve workflow efficiency

Increase your bottom line with trends across your work management tools to learn what individuals and leaders can do to improve project management and completion.

Get the most out of your work management tools

Reignite the human connection across your remote or hybrid workplace by focusing on human-first technology adoption led by digital workplace pioneers.

Get the most out of your work management tools
Girl with glasses smiling and being productive

Make better decisions based on individual and team performance metrics

Let individuals and teams learn where they’re performing well and where, and how, they can improve. Receive recommendations on removing project blockers or personal barriers.

Make vision a reality