The Real Problem

Viewing charts of raw data from the products you use don’t solve your problems;

knowing the “how” and “why” agnostic of the tool or department does.

How Pattyrn can help

Integrate the products you love...or tolerate

We use AI to analyze the products your teams use so you get the best understanding of how your company is performing and what you can do better.

Since the more data you connect, the better your metrics will be, we allow you to connect as many apps as you want - for FREE.

What apps do you support?

Metrics that anyone can understand.

Our goal isn't to present you with boring charts that drain your cognitive bank. Instead, we want you to know how you are doing by using as little cognitive energy as possible.

Thus, we present your performance metrics in five easy to consume categories - Communications, Docs, Tasks, Time, and Meetings.

Why do these areas matter?
easy metrics updated

People first, data second. Security is our priority.

We understand that trust can be hard - especially regarding your data. Therefore, we want to ensure that we take security seriously.

We have a Privacy Shield certification, use TLS, are GDPR compliant, and scored an "A+" in best practices for security and encryption for our API.

What else do you plan on doing?
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Learn the "why" behind your performance

When your house has cracked walls, there is a deeper issue than the surface level one that is showing. You can ignore the problem and fix the cracks, or you can correct your foundation and prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

We are the tool to fix your foundation.

Get the most out of your team today without burning them out.