People first.

Analyzing performance is great unless you keep your team in the dark - that’s called spying. At Pattyrn, we don’t support that.

Everyone on your team will see unique and relevant data depending on what role they play in your company.

Learn how you work

Each person in your company (including owners) can review their performance profile to learn more about themselves and how they work.

“Because of Pattyrn, I can see how I affect my team from a performance perspective and what problems may be approaching.”

- Trey / Deployment expert

how you work
how your team works

Learn how your team works

Managers or leads will have a summary of how the teams they overview are doing along with each member of it.

“Pattyrn makes it easy for me to quickly find out if there are problems ahead or not without having to sacrifice time communicating.”

- Prasoon / Manager of Success

Learn how your company works

Owners can view the company at a glance, so you have more time to grow your business.

“Pattyrn helps me to know our company is doing well so I can save time without checking in with leads as often.”

- Tracey / Co-Founder

company work

Plans to match all pockets

Whether you are a one person team or 50, we have a plan for you.

Get the most out of your team today without burning them out.