Work from anywhere

We are a global company and believe that you don’t need to be in one location to build amazing things. We keep in touch through messaging platforms and fire up video conferencing to address quick needs. If you are the office type though, we have a space in Dallas, Texas.

We also pride ourself on team love. Whether it’s your 1 year anniversary, birthday, or just because - you can expect something special to come in the mail for you. We apprecitate our people and strive for diversity, acceptance, and growth.

Perfect Your Craft

Careers are journeys and we acknowledge that. It’s not good for you or the company to keep people at the same place for 60 years. At Pattyrn, we want to be a company where great people come from. One way to doing this is contributing to the growth of your skillset and personal goals.

Let us know where you would like to be in 5 years and we’ll help you get there. Want to learn a new skill? We’ll provide you with online course materials to make it happen. To put simply, we are a team of life-long learners and do whatever is necessary to keep progressing forward and perfecting our craft.

Feel the Love

Equality is a tough thing to achieve in a global company. Different countries have different laws, etc. So how do we manage that regarding benefits? We normally match our benefits across countries based on what makes the most sense and helps manage the legal aspects. So what does that mean for you?

At Pattyrn, you can expect to have competitive benefits based on your location including a competitive salary and holiday schedule, health-stipend, and 20 days of paid time off.

Open Positions

  • Lead Research & Data Analyst

    Do you live for statistics? Find yourself researching data 'just because'? If you are ready for an adventure to find data treasures, you're in the right spot.

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