Meet the people analytics solution built for remote work.

Navigate managing a remote team with ease by empowering your workforce to stay connected using Pattyrn’s unique cross-platform insights.

People analytics solution

The HR's guide to improving remote employee retention in 2022

Learn how to create a thriving remote workplace with a full understanding of your organization’s employee retention rates. Plus, access key strategies for a superior remote culture and employee experience.

Introducing Pattyrn

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Tune into your organization

Tune into your organization

Build a powerful remote organization by giving your employees the tools they need to drive success. Use Pattyrn’s people analytics solution to understand your organization's workflow and spot trends across email, calendars, tasks, video conferencing, workflow management and more. Then receive Pattyrn’s recommendations on how to use tools to work smarter, not harder.

Support your leaders

Support your leaders

Embolden your managers to become better leaders with visibility into their teams’ workloads, obstacles, and sentiment. So whether they lead in a remote or in-person environment, their guidance helps their teams deliver better customer outcomes, faster. Enabling your employees to find a healthy work-life blend while steering projects forward.

Empower your employees

Empower your employees

Give your employees control of their data to grow alongside their peers. With their Pattyrn dashboard, employees can benchmark their performance and see exactly how their work contributes to the overall team goals. They even receive custom recommendations to work more efficiently within their digital tools, so they can deliver the greatest impact without burning themselves out.

Where are you in your digital transformation?

Learn about the 5 layer digital transformation journey to better equip yourself and support your team as we continue to launch ourselves into a new way of work.

Understanding the 5 areas of work

Explore organization, team, and individual scores across tasks, time, meetings, communications, and documents.



Empower your teams to reduce their workload by prioritizing high-impact versus low-impact tasks. This ensures project timelines stay on track and pinpoints blockers to streamline processes. You can even assign due dates and clear direction, so all your teams are set up for success.

people analytics solution dashboard
people analytics solution time tracker



Get a closer look at which tools your workforce is spending their time on. See when your teams complete deep work that drives projects forward, and when they are overwhelmed with administration and meetings. With the clarity offered by Pattyrn's people analytics solution, your employees can prioritize meaningful work and get it done faster.



Reduce employee burnout by promoting productive meeting habits. Manage deadlines and schedules efficiently with insights on meeting timeframes, meetings that run overtime, and late participants. Get a holistic view of how meetings are impacting your organization.

people analytics solution meeting analytics
character explaining solutions communications dashboards



Keep your virtual team connected and engaged so that nothing falls through the cracks. Prompt your employees to follow up on project deliverables, share their work, review their team members' work, and always include relevant people in the loop. All while keeping a pulse on team anxiety levels.


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Understand how your documents are organized. Pattyrn’s dashboard call-outs remind your employees to maintain clear document naming protocols, version control, and storage. So you can find documents across different tools at the snap of a finger and streamline reporting with up-to-date resources.

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Cross-platform data

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Scores on the five core areas of work

Task, time, meetings, communications, and documents

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Tailored insights and recommendations

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App integrations

Microsoft Office, Zoom, Slack, Adobe Workfront, and more

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Team performance metrics

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Individual performance metrics

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Performance benchmarking

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Simple to launch

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Application security

Privacy Shield Certified, GDPR Compliant, “A+” API Security & Encryption

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