Achieve digital transformation with people analytics reports

Unleash a high-performing, agile marketing function with human-focused digital transformation, guided by Pattyrn’s cross-platform people analytics reports.


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Tune into your organization

Build a powerful marketing tech stack with WNDYR’s technology-enabled services to hold your hand through a customized digital transformation journey. Guided by Pattyrn’s people analytics reports, we aggregate data from across your organization’s digital tools to optimize your team’s workflow, drive productivity and replicate healthy work behaviors that lead to superior performance, both for your team and your organization’s bottom line.

people analytics for your organization
people analytics for your leaders

Support your leaders

Embolden your marketing managers to become more efficient leaders with visibility into their teams’ workloads, obstacles, and stressors. Armed with this data, managers can leverage WNDYR’s technology services to automate, integrate and refine digital work processes, increasing their team’s capacity for more meaningful work. In turn, you give your managers the internal teams they can depend on to improve marketing outcomes and steer projects forward efficiently.

Empower your employees

Give employees a better understanding of their data with expert recommendations to work more efficiently within their digital tools, so they can deliver the greatest impact without burning themselves out. With Pattyrn's people analytics reports, employees can see exactly how their work contributes to marketing objectives, so they can re-prioritize high-value work, and push back on what's not working. With Pattyrn, employees finally have the tools to build an intentional employee experience, one that ensures they're using their time wisely to drive results.

people analytics for your employees

People analytics report features

digital transformation

A roadmap to digital transformation

Define your organization’s objectives with WNDYR’s digital transformation consultants to receive a tailored path to success.

tech stack adoption

Tech stack adoption levels

See how well your workforce uses the apps tracked by Pattyrn’s people analytics platform to assess in-app collaboration, adoption, and cost-benefit analysis.

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Scores on the Five Core Areas of Work

Receive assessment and recommendations on the five areas of work that impact all marketing teams: tasks, time, meetings, communications, and documents.

cross platform insights

Cross-platform insights

WNDYR’s digital transformation consultants rely on data from all your work management tools to give you the most comprehensive insights and recommendations for your marketing team’s digital work.

stress metrics

Stress metrics

See an employee's digital workload stress in comparison to their baseline according to proven indicators they’re experiencing unproductive, stressful work.

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Application security

Keep your organization’s data on lock with a reporting platform that’s Privacy Shield Certified, GDPR Compliant, and “A+” API Security & Encryption.

technology service recommendations

Technology service recommendations integrations

See the source of inefficiencies across your marketing team’s tech stack to inform where WNDYR’s technology-enabled services can optimize digital tool usage, with visibility into the results.

performance metrics

Individual, team, and company-wide performance metrics

View accurate employee performance and team health with Pattyrn’s meaningful metrics that motivate, not monitor your employees.

insights and recommendations

Improvement Insights and Recommendations

Spot trends in high-performing employees to replicate superior work behaviors and eliminate unproductive processes.

How we get the data

Receive your marketing team’s scores and recommendations across the five areas of work that affect every project: tasks, time, meetings, communications, and documents.

  • Tasks

  • Time

  • Meetings

  • Communications

  • Documents


Do the work that matters by giving your marketing team the clarity and tools to prioritize it. WNDYR’s consultants will define low-, normal- and high-priority tasks to track time spent on these tasks via Pattyrn’s people analytics reports. They can also view when essential projects are delayed, with visibility into what’s blocking them with a 360-degree view of your work management platforms. Giving you insight into how WNDYR can create efficient digital workflows that keep your projects on time and your team set up for success.


Ditch time-tracking metrics that hurt employee privacy, like mouse, keyboard, screen and URL activity, for a better understanding of your marketing team’s time. WNDYR's consultants use Pattyrn to benchmark the combined data of all your digital tools, informing granular people analytics reports that would otherwise be impossible. Use these reports to view employee time by low- and high-priority items and compare projected vs. actual project times. Understand when your team is overwhelmed by administration and meetings, and use WNYDR’s technology-enabled services guided by Pattyrn’s insights to eliminate tasks wasting your team’s time.


Limit excess meetings that hurt your employees’ productivity and work-life balance. Pattyrn’s people analytics reports analyze data from video conferencing tools to show how many hours your marketing team spends in meetings and identify which employees attend too many. Guided by these insights, WNDYR provides expert strategy and execution to improve communication and collaboration on other channels to build a culture of healthy meeting protocols. Ensuring meetings are helping, not hindering meaningful work.


Keep your marketing team connected and engaged, so nothing falls through the cracks. Pattyrn’s people analytics platform syncs with your tech stack to show you reports on which tools support the most effective communication and collaboration. With this data, WNDYR’s consultants help you advance the right technology investments and phase out tools that are not delivering the value your team needs. Ingrained in this process are technology-enabled services that ensure your marketing tools notify employees to meet deadlines, follow up on project deliverables, provide timely reviews and always include relevant people in the loop.


Understand how your organization’s documents are organized. Pattyrn’s people analytics reports explain your marketing team’s current document storage system. Clear call-to-actions ensure you have the direction to help employees maintain clear document naming protocols, version control and storage, as WNDYR’s technology-enabled services integrate tools to prevent duplicate records. Find documents across different tools at the snap of a finger and streamline reporting with up-to-date resources.


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