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Early Access Frequently Asked Questions

How does early access work?

It's simple! Once you submit your request, we will contact you when the alpha release is ready for you to use. You will have access to every feature for FREE. Once the Early Access period is over, your account will be automatically transferred to the FREE subscription level to which you can upgrade on your own accord.

How long will my early access trial last?

Since building software is similar to predicting the weather, there are no absolute dates we can give. However, we are on track to release the official version of Pattyrn around fall of 2019. Once we have published the official release, there is no action required from your end - log in to the app like normal, and you will see the new updates.

How will I know early access has ended?

You can tell the duration of the early access version of Pattyrn by looking for the "early access" badge below the Pattyrn logo on the login/signup pages. As long as the badge is present, you are still using the early access version of the app.