Build a resilient workforce with a new type of employee burnout solution

Learn how Pattyrn can help you pinpoint when your employees are feeling burnt out before it’s too late.

Bring employees out of survival mode

When an employee is burnt out, they no longer have the capacity to provide high-quality work or contribute their biggest and brightest ideas to your team. Many organizations, especially remote organizations, are finding their employees in this situation.

This is due to the fact that a remote work environment eliminates the typical, pleasant distractions that an in-person office holds. Gone are the days of chatting with co-workers or holding working sessions that break up the workday. Now, individuals find themselves working alone at home for eight hours plus, with little to no human interaction.

You might be thinking that this is more efficient for your organization, but that’s not the case. With no breaks in their day, employees become overwhelmed with the amount of work they must accomplish and the new higher expectations they are held to until they get completely burnt out. And burnt out employees cost your organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000.

But, what can you do about it?

work challenges that cause employee burnout

Are you facing these challenges in your remote organization?

  • Losing great employees with little to no notice

  • Struggling to know how your employees are feeling

  • Getting a sense that your team is stressed and overwhelmed, but have no real “proof” of it to share with leadership

  • Lack of visibility into their workload

  • Afraid of not spending enough time connecting with team members that might be struggling

  • Afraid of not recognizing team members that are doing exceptionally well

Why people analytics are the employee burnout solution you didn’t know you needed

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform allows employees to set a baseline for their usual engagement level. As a manager, you will see the ebbs and flows of those engagement levels and become alerted proactively when they fall below their set baseline.

For example, if you have a new employee who has been assigned a ton of work in addition to being thrown into meetings all day long, you will likely see their task engagement levels drop. Pattyrn can alert you that this person is feeling stressed out and on a path to getting burnt out if the right support is not given to them immediately.

To learn more about how Pattyrn can be used as an employee burnout solution, check out this blog that breaks down all of our relevant reports.

graphic of people chatting and noting with employee software
preventing employee burnout has people celebrating

The result:
A healthy workplace, inside and out

What can you expect to achieve with the help of Pattyrn’s employee burnout solution?

  • Give your employees support before they are burnt out and fully disengaged

  • Build strong relationships with your team members based on trust

  • Work smarter, not harder, by efficiently allocating your time with team members that need the most support

  • Gain the analytics to shout out and promote team members that are performing exceptionally

  • Most importantly, raise employee retention rates and satisfaction levels in your organization

Why Pattyrn?

You might be wondering, what makes Pattyrn better than other employee burnout solutions?

We’ll break it down for you:

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform recreates an in-person office experience by looking across your technology stack so you can see how your employees are experiencing work in a remote environment.

More specifically, it aggregates and recognizes work patterns in digital tools like:

Microsoft 365
Google Workspace
Jira Software

Don’t see the tools you use here? Let us know! We are adding new integrations all the time and might even be working on what you need at this very minute.