Employee engagement analytics: Your key to a productive remote organization

Learn how Pattyrn’s people analytics platform can help you increase employee engagement levels in your organization.

Stop the fall in employee engagement

For the first time in 10 years, employee engagement is dropping and remote organizations are not immune to these effects. Amid large workforce challenges, like standardizing remote work,enforcing vaccine mandates and dealing with mass resignations, organizations have forgotten a core responsibility:

Meeting core employee job requirements like role clarity,
clear communication and supporting materials and equipment.

Only 42% of employees feel like they have the support to succeed in their role, risking employee retention and loyalty. But, how can you offer your remote workforce the proper support and stimulation to feel excited and engaged about their work with less visibility of their workday.

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Are you facing these challenges in your remote organization?

  • Dealing with disengaged employees, with no visibility into the source oftheir challenges

  • Poor engagement levels across work management tools

  • Lack of collaboration across documents and communication applications

  • Lack of daily interactions between team members

  • Lack of a strong remote work culture

How Pattyrn’s employee engagement analytics help you solve these issues

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform allows employees to set a baseline for their usual engagement level. As a manager, you will see the ebbs and flows of those engagement levels and become alerted proactively when they fall below their set baseline.

For example, if you have an employee that is not utilizing their digital tools, has few meetings and is not communicating via Slack with their coworkers, Pattyrn will show these patterns in one place, indicating their low engagement levels. These employee engagement analytics suggest that the employee struggles with their role or feels isolated. They may need an assigned mentor to integrate them into the team and teach them how to use their tech stack properly. When leaving these situations untouched, or if you are unaware of them completely, you risk creating a subpar work environment that causes employees to look for new opportunities elsewhere.

To learn more about how Pattyrn can help you raise low employee engagement levels, check out this blog that breaks down all of our relevant reports.

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Turn employee engagement insights into results

Access Pattyrn’s all-in-one people analytics dashboard to:

  • Increase levels of employee engagement which means increased productivity and profitability

  • Increase employee retention levels

  • Increase employee satisfaction levels

  • Create a thriving remote work culture

  • Increased tech stack adoption level

  • Become a trusted team leader that supports employees’ well-being

Why Pattyrn?

You might be wondering, what makes Pattyrn better than other employee burnout solutions?

We’ll break it down for you:

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform recreates an in-person office experience by looking across your technology stack so you can see how your employees are experiencing work in a remote environment.

More specifically, it aggregates and recognizes work patterns in digital tools like:

Don’t see the tools you use here? Let us know! We are adding new integrations all the time and might even be working on what you need at this very minute.