Increase digital tool adoption with tech stack analytics

Learn how Pattyrn gives you data insights on tool usage and adoption across your company’s favorite digital tools.

Get your team on board with your organization’s tools

Implementing a new tool into your organization’s tech stack is never easy. If the proper training and onboarding strategies are not in place, employees will feel unprepared to fulfill their role using the tool. They may even become resistant to tool adoption.

This problem doesn't solve itself. If left unchecked, the tool will likely not be used correctly,adoption levels will remain low, and eventually, the tool may be phased out completely.Meaning your organization wasted time and budget only to be in the same position as before the tool's implementation.

Fortunately, the issue is usually not with the tool itself but a weak onboarding process. To fix subpar tool onboarding, you need data insights to measure and optimize usage levels and behavior.

are you facing

Are you facing these challenges in your remote organization?

  • Low work management tool adoption levels

  • Resistance to new technology implementation

  • Lack of onboarding support from third-party tool providers

  • Unstructured training for new hires on digital tool processes

  • Unsure of which employees require more training on certain technology

  • Unstructured and inconsistent tool usage and digital processes

Make the invisible visible with tech stack analytics

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform allows employees to set a baseline for their usual engagement level. As a manager, you will see the ebbs and flows of those engagement levels and become alerted when they fall below the set baseline.

For example, say you’ve recently adopted a new work management platform. Suppose an exemplary employee who has been working for your company for 10+ years starts falling behind on tasks and missing deadlines. In that case, Pattyrn will share these insights, which could be indicators that this employee requires additional training on the platform. If you see this trend across your entire team, this could indicate that the overall onboarding process was not successful. Therefore you need to consider further onboarding support before tossing the tool aside as a failure.

To learn more about how Pattyrn can help you improve tech stack adoption and usage, check out this blog that breaks down all of our relevant reports.

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Maximize the ROI of your tech stack

Access Pattyrn’s all-in-one people analytics dashboard to:

  • Increase ROI on all software platforms that are integrated with Pattyrn

  • Save money by ensuring your tool is successful within your organization

  • Save time and resources by quickly pinpointing a lack of tool adoption

  • Become a supportive manager that provides their team with the right tools and support to do great work

  • Foster a strong and collaborative virtual work environment

Why Pattyrn?

You might be wondering, what makes Pattyrn better than other employee burnout solutions?

We’ll break it down for you:

Pattyrn’s people analytics platform recreates an in-person office experience by looking across your technology stack so you can see how your employees are experiencing work in a remote environment.

More specifically, it aggregates and recognizes work patterns in digital tools like:

Don’t see the tools you use here? Let us know! We are adding new integrations all the time and might even be working on what you need at this very minute.